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Slim and Natural for Life

Because Confidence Feels Better Than Any Junk Food Tastes™

Slim and Natural for Life is a unique on-call and on-texting service for breaking food addiction for the rest of your life by learning new ways to deal with pain and stress.

* This is a 30 day commitment. It is a requirement that you text or email me your food at least one time per day—I need to know everything you eat. The purpose of this is to take yourself out of isolation when you binge. For best results (with the Platinum Package), we will set a time to talk for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes per day for 30 days. You must be honest. No one will be told what to eat, but I will offer tips to maximize your weight loss and help your body detox from sugar to minimize cravings. I am also available for texting for 30 days throughout the day in the Platinum Package.

* A photo of yourself before you begin and a photo after the 30 days are complete, along with a testimonial, is appreciated but not at all required. It is best to keep a diary for yourself of not only your food but your feelings; even a video diary may help others as you succeed in weight loss, but all of this is optional. This program offers total anonymity if you prefer. No one’s testimonials or photos will be shared without permission.

* You must weigh before you begin and weigh afterwards. If you want to weigh more often, that is fine. People usually find it motivates them to weigh at least one time per week.

The only people excluded from my help are people with serious health problems, to whom I would refer a physician or holistic doctor. I assume no responsibility in healing chronic disorders such as diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer and heart disease; rather, this is meant to be a preventative approach for the good of the body’s pH balance.

Platinum Package—Most powerful to succeed

Better than any counselor or diet program on the market, because this gives you accountability day and night with someone who cares and understands to help you break your food addiction.

People with food addictions and compulsive overeating habits do not have a problem with sugar and food as much as they have a problem with feelings. These 30 days will help you learn to feel every emotion without turning to food in stress. You will learn how to enjoy life without hurting yourself in addiction and realize that food that is good for you is the most delicious.

No counselor or diet program can offer you this. There is a reason people do not stick to diets. It is not because of lack of willpower but addiction. It takes accountability to break an addiction. If you could have done it by now on your own, you would have. Welcome to a whole new beginning with a whole new you!

The goal of this program is to help you get your body in balance physically with the right pH levels, so you will no longer crave sugar or junk food. It is best if you can buy alkaline water and organic, non-GMO foods, but success can be achieved with this accountability on any food budget. Overeating is a disease of isolation. You are at “dis-ease” within yourself. As your palate changes due to healthy eating, you will actually begin to crave food that is good for you. Sugar will not be appealing when your pH is right. This program teaches you to embark on a whole new lifestyle of change. It is not a diet but a whole new way of living.

Price: 200.00 for a 30 day life-changing commitment. All money must be paid in advance, and I only accept credit cards. I will send you a contract to guarantee my commitment to you for the next 30 days. There are no refunds. You are hiring me as a food consultant and a friend for accountability, and I will be there for you. This is an investment in your life, and you are worth it.  

Platinum Package – $200.00  Get started today!

Gold Package

This gold package will allow you to text or email me your food every day with one text from me returned per day to give you feedback and one call per week for 30 minutes for this 30 day duration.  Payment must be made up front, and I will send you a contract by email as guarantee before we begin.

Price: 100.00

Gold Package – $100.00  Get started today!


What You Can Expect

You can expect weight loss, a new you, clearer thinking, better digestion, more energy (after the initial phase of detox) and being fully present for life and “sober” instead of getting drunk on food, which is what binging does. As you learn to turn to food for nourishment for your body and learn to turn to God to meet the needs of your heart, you can expect victory where you used to have defeat!



I just wanted to say that I feel very privileged to have had Dwayna work with me this past month. I’ve lost 17.5 lbs in four weeks and I truly feel she had a lot to do with it. I’m so glad and thankful for all of her help. She’s encouraged me and has held me accountable every day, and I felt so comfortable talking with her and sharing about my day and what I was eating. She took the time to always be there for me and often shared some great health tips with me that I will be using for the rest of my life. With her help, I broke my addiction to eating chocolate every night. I truly thank God for putting her in my life, and at a time when I really needed someone. And God found me the perfect someone to help me. She’s helped me more than she’ll ever know, and I sincerely appreciate her and all she’s done for me. I am proud to have her as my sister in Christ and friend for life. Liz Acquaire, 30 Days Working with Dwayna/ Total Weight Loss: 17.5 pounds

I have been on a health journey for some time. Attaining a proper weight is something I have always wanted to do and have put out effort yearly to attain. Invariably, though, I would drop a good deal of weight, and then put it right back on, because of an inconsistent follow up plan for daily living. It is basically due to “knowing” what to do, but not doing it. Now, since December of 2012, I have made a conscious decision to make good health a priority…As a Christian, It is my duty to manage my physical health as a mandate from God, who gave me life: 1Co 6:20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s. As I was working with Dwayna for 30 days, I put myself on a 30 day water fast (which was my idea, as she supported me in it), where I added pH Drops, green powder and chia seeds to a gallon of water for daily consumption. Also, I started my day with a handful of vitamin and mineral supplements taken with sparkling mineral water with added lemon/lime juice (freshly squeezed) and stevia drops. As part of my regime, as needed, I had coconut water and towards the end protein powder. Every day, in the evening, I spent at least 30 min to 1 hour exercising. Every evening, I had to report to Dwayna, what I consumed for the day. If I had any food cravings, or perhaps slipped on my program by eating or drinking something I shouldn’t have. Sometimes I would text her a particular temptation I was undergoing during the day ( i.e.: being exposed to food that was right in front of me that my family was eating…). It really helps to have someone to talk to, who provides encouragement to stay on the straight path. Just knowing that I had to tell “everything I put in my mouth” was a great motivator to keep with the plan and not cheat. I never had this before, as I have always been alone as I fasted and dieted with no one to share my thoughts and feelings. (That is, with someone who is on the same road in fasting and health.) I can tell you, this is a blessing, and I recommend it…–Geoff Artman, 30 Days working with Dwayna/ Total Weight Loss: 23 pounds