My Personal Health Testimonial

My personal testimonial as of November 7, 2017: I’m so happy, on top of the world! I just had my hormone levels checked, along with blood tests for cholesterol levels (for the first time in my life). The nurse just called with results and said, “The doctor was very impressed. Your levels are better than good. They are excellent.” Now, I realize that good health is a gift from God and there is only so much I can do about it. But, as you know, I do try my best. The blood work showed everything to be excellent, and the nurse said my cholesterol was “better than good.” Every time I get my blood pressure taken for anything, the doctors and the nurses all say the same thing, “Your blood pressure is so excellent and low.” My vitamin D levels were perfect, along with my estrogen and testosterone, cholesterol and sugar. Also, my thyroid was perfect. I am only saying that I am convinced that my healthy lifestyle pays off. I may not have as much money in the bank as I could have otherwise, but I have myself everywhere I go. My only hope in sharing any health tip or working with anyone to get healthier is to sincerely help someone be all he or she can be. I take zero prescription drugs. I AM SO HAPPY AND THANKFUL AND AM ABSOLUTELY LOVING MAKING THE MOST OF EVERY DAY!! Taking care of yourself is a gift no one else can give to you but YOU. And there is only one you.Dwayna Litz  

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New Video Soon to Come

We are working on a new video for this song I wrote back in 2013 “I Forgive You” for my main YouTube channel, Dwayna Litz Music. In the meantime, CD Baby posted it on their page HERE. The song is from my last CD “I”m the Girl I Used to Know Again” and is available on Pandora Radio on the Dwayna Litz channel and on iTunes, CD Baby and Spotify. Thanks for listening to my music.

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Song and Outreach to Victims of Church Shooting in Nashville

I thank Devon O’Day at Nashville WSM for playing my song “Walking in the Light” in dedication to the victims of the recent church shooting at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Nashville. I will be going there this month to give care packets to the families of the victims, as well as a copy of my song on CD and my CD “Still” about God’s faithfulness even in the midst of sorrow. God bless my brothers and sisters there.

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