Writing This Week

It is a rainy week, and I love writing on rainy days. I am working on some new songs and loving spending these rainy days writing. I look forward to the next recording session.


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Happy Memorial Day

I thank God for my freedom and for those who fought for me to have it. In honor of our veterans, HERE is my book on American history, ‘America Come Home’ on sale on Amazon. It is a coffee table book of quotes illustrating how much the culture has changed, including quotes from our past presidents, the Founding Fathers of America and original precepts from Yale, Harvard and Princeton to show these were once Christian institutions. It is available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle on Amazon, and also at Barnes and Noble and at Walmart.com.

I also want to post THIS touching video of  a song I co-wrote years ago called “In America” recorded by Sammy Sadler, an independent artist. It is my favorite rendition of the song.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

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Country Roads Video (Dwayna Litz)

Here is a new video of my rendition of “Country Roads” (before the coronavirus)– the beautiful old standard reminiscent of days gone by.

If only we could all take a country road out of this pandemic! Still, God has a purpose for this time, and I am glad to get to be with my mother now in the mountains to run errands for her to keep her from taking a chance on getting the contagion. I have also spent some great time in prayer and Bible study.

I long to get back to my work, and I know we all do. Thank God for how He has the whole world in His hands.

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