“Walking in the Light” to Victims of Church Shooting in Nashville

I am going to get my song “Walking in the Light” to the victims of the recent church shooting in Nashville at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, along with care packages for the families. My song “Walking in the Light” was written for survivors of such hate crimes. It can be heard on iTunes, CD Baby, Soundcloud and Spotify. We are also working on getting airplay soon on a mainstream country radio station in Nashville with the song dedicated publicly to the victims.Walking in the Light

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New You Tube Video of My Song “History Repeats Itself”

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Great Working in Nashville Again

It was fun to be back on Music Row last week, making more progress on my forthcoming music CD “Mountain Music.” Jeff Taylor, of the Time Jumpers, is playing on it! I enjoyed hearing him play live in his long running Tokens Show. I am in awe of the musicianship of these Nashville players!

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