Inspired, Full of Energy and Working Hard

I’m now in advanced Pilates at 6:00 A.M. and loving it, as I do floor Pilates (against my own body weight), the reformer Pilates and the treadmill and have also worked up to 50 pushups (in the correct form with no knees and elbows under my shoulders) and try to do them every day.

I now have my health coaching clients doing pushups, in addition to eating right. I know I have never been in better shape in my adult life and thank God every day for my health. I challenge and measure myself only against my own potential, and I wake up every morning inspired to be all I can be in every area!

I have a nonstop work week with music and serving the people of Nashville with the work of my nonprofit. Life is so beautiful, and let’s make the most of it together! 

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Great Memory with Jennifer O’Neill in NYC

It is a small world, as I got to meet Jennifer O’Neill at Christian Women in Media back in 2013 in NYC and hear about how she married an old friend of mine who manages Douglass Corner in Nashville where I had my first showcase as an artist back in the 90s. Her Christian testimony is one I will never forget, as she shared how they put God first in their dating relationship and how He has blessed their marriage as a result.

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My Latest Radio Interview on NYC’s “Fuel for the Spirit”

HERE is a link to a radio interview I did from Nashville last month with a host out of NYC by phone. I just got permission to share it. I spoke from my heart. She wanted to talk about my life, music, testimony and tips for women from my book ‘Happiness No Man Required,’ which is really more about God’s faithfulness in my life than anything, including any man.

I just listened to it for the first time, and even I was touched hearing it. I thank God for the life He has given to me and for the testimony He has given me, and for the music they played on air and the blessing of working with such a good host affiliated with PBS and The Mission NYC.

Every song is also a gift. She played snippets of “This Train is Bound for Glory,” Pickin’ Bluegrass in the Backyard,” which I wrote for my grandfather, and my song, “Walkin’ in the Light” written for victims of crimes against humanity in America.

Hope you enjoy the interview!

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