Preparing for Photo Shoot in Franklin, TN

I am so thankful to the nice owners of this beautiful farm in Leiper’s Fork where we are preparing for my next photo shoot. How can you have a photo shoot for a bluegrass CD without a farm? I searched and searched, and God gave us the perfect place. It could not be more beautiful! Now, we are hoping for the weather to warm up soon. After the shoot we will finish the music, recording 2 more songs from scratch, “Precious Memories” and “Orange Blossom Special.” We will also add overdubs on all of the other music to make for 12 songs on this last CD of mine, “Mountain Music.” We have distribution with Walmart and hopefully Cracker Barrel will pick it up, too. I feel like this will be the best CD ever, thanks to all of the talented people working with me. I am so, so happy. Here’s to 2018!

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