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Check out this Vibrant Health web site above if you want to enjoy a healthy life filled with the cancer-killing phytonutrients only found in vegetables and fruit. Vibrant Health offers the highest quality supplements made of pure ingredients with no fillers or harmful additives. I have been using them since 2013 with no regrets.

Click the banner above to order and get a 20 % discount with the discount code “BUYGREEN”. Not only that, but if you agree to a free health coaching consultation with me, I can offer you even more of a discount! As my gift to anyone who has a free health coaching consultation with me, he or she will get a 25% discount off any Vibrant Health purchase via the link above with the discount code “Slim25.”

This company is extraordinarily superior when it comes to ingredients for all of their shakes and supplements. Not only will you save 25% over buying at health stores but there is no shelf life by ordering through this site directly to the company. Ordering these excellent products direct guarantees freshness. Free shipping is offered for orders over $100.00.  The discount is applied at checkout. Do not wait–book your free health coaching consultation with me today!

I wanted to recommend the following favorite products of mine in particular. They are extraordinary!

  1. Green Vibrance, a 25 billion plant-based probiotic, plant-based, green drink with only 40 calories. I mix it with either 1/2 cup of apple juice and 1/2 a cup of water or make my own delicious sugar-free lemonade sweetened with stevia and mix it with the lemonade. It can also be blended in other juices and smoothies. It truly helps food digest when taken either on an empty stomach or after a healthy meal.
  2. Vibrant Flora, their newest probiotic drink offering 100 billion plant-based probiotics, which I like mixing either with straight water or  with water and an avocado and ice or water and grapefruit for a grapefruit smoothie. It only has 45 calories and digests very easily with over 100 live probiotic vegan cultures.
  3. Joint Vibrance, a collagen and bromelain supplement for only 70 calories that is highly absorbable. This is amazing for hair, skin and nails and also helps with arthritis as it fights against inflammation. This joint formula of bromelian, glucosamine and MSM also helps with digestion. Mix it with homemade lemonade sweetened with stevia or pineapple, grapefruit or apple juice. It is delicious.
  4. Cholesterol Blocker, a chewable tablet that helped my dad like some sort of miracle. My dad had been complaining about his heart as he was experiencing some chest pain. He took it seriously as a Type 2 diabetic. He said one of his fingers had gone numb. I know it is hard to believe, but he called me ecstatic after a week on the cholesterol blocker. He said all of the numbness left his finger and he knew this supplement was also helping his heart. He later went to the doctor to have his heart checked, and the doctor said his heart was in good shape. He attributes the good report to cholesterol blocker! It cleanses the arteries.

My Health Coaching Emphasis to Help You Feel Better

I am a certified health coach with a focus on helping people break sugar addictions, lose weight and heal from IBS and candida (poor digestion) by developing a new lifestyle of fresh vegetables (non-GMO, organic is recommended), hormone-free animal protein, no cow’s milk and no grain and low glycemic fruits only such as berries, lemons, limes and grapefruit. The grain industry–including gluten free, organic,  non-GMO corn, brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, and steel cut oats–has changed over time and is no longer what it used to be. These modern-day, refined grains wreak havoc on the digestive system. They turn into sugar in the body and cause candida, which is a stubborn fungus that feeds on sugar causing an imbalance in the digestion. In order to heal I recommend all vegetable days (raw is the best) with healthy oils like avocado, coconut and olive oil and a small portion of healthy nuts like almonds and walnuts. I also recommend eating paleo, which consists of only healthy vegetables, low glycemic fruits like grapefruit, lemon, limes and berries and a little hormone-free animal protein in order to break sugar addiction and heal digestion. For more information on killing candida go to Yeast Infection and sign up for his newsletters.

No information on this site is intended to diagnose or treat illness, as I am not a doctor. I can only share what has worked for me firsthand and offer support to my clients in breaking toxic food addictions with the individual attention and support needed to guarantee success. I work with all people from any background except anyone diagnosed with a major illness such as cancer, type 1 diabetes or heart disease. In such cases, I recommend a physician’s care.