New Video of My Song “I Promise You”

Here is a new video of a song I wrote and recorded last year in Nashville, “I Promise You.”

“I Promise You”/Words and Music by Dwayna Litz/Litz Music ASCAP, from my latest digital release, “Maybe.”

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Join me for health coaching tips @DwaynaLitzHealthyTips on Instagram where I will be posting health tips of products that work for me and that I recommend with videos explaining why I love them. Before I recommend anything I try it myself. It has to be easy to digest, good for you with clean ingredients, and satisfying to curb the appetite, to help anyone who works with me as a health coach actually enjoy losing weight. I recently did a review on plant based protein shakes. See it and more when you join me as a health coach @DwaynaLitzHealthyTips on Instagram. Read testimonials on my health coaching web site at  .

Because confidence feels better than junk food tastes,


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Recording Next Project in Nashville

I have found that whatever project I am working on currently always feels like my favorite and most special project ever. Well, that is how I feel about this one. I have dreamed for years of recording the hymns, and this fall will be the time I am beginning this soulful compilation of some of the best songs about being a Christian ever written, songs no longer even sung in churches.

I am calling the project “Take All of Me.” This title cut will be the only song on this compilation that I have written. It is a prayer to my God. I got hacked on FB a little over a week ago, and my identity was stolen. I began writing about how my reputation belongs to God, as a prayer for God to “take all of me” and keep being faithful. No one wants their name associated with criminal hacking, so this song just flowed out of me as there is nothing I can really do about it but continue to report it and rely on God to help me. I am still in the process of fighting this identity theft on Facebook. One good thing is that I have written this beautiful song about it.

In addition to that, I will be recording my favorite hymns, and we will be doing a video documentary of working together, as I will be working with the most accomplished musicians and not just that, musicians who are like me spiritually and musically and who are truly my friends. It is going to be the most special session, and we will be recording at Soundstage, a top studio on Music Row, where I always record in Nashville.

So, in addition to everything else these days, I am working on new music! My heart is filled with nothing but joy and happiness and peace as I sing all day! I love these precious hymns, and I love my new song. It has been so much a part of me, all from my heart, as I have had the gift of writing about this FB hacking. When I get this identity theft resolved, I will be leaving Facebook for good and only on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, all of the outlets for my music, and also joining Rumble, a much safer place for anything about my Christian nonprofit work with underprivileged children, too.

I have also begun posting videos on my “DwaynaLitzHealthyTips” Instagram page since this FB hacking took place. Here’s to a new beginning!

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