Rough Mixes Sounding Great

We now have all of the instruments added except one for my new songs. It is all sounding so good, including the background vocals. I enjoyed working with Travis Humbert on the editing and Monty Allen on background vocals. It is thanks to all of the talented people working with me that these songs are exactly as I wanted them to be as I wrote them, and even more. We will be ready for the final mixes soon. The new release of ten songs might be called “Maybe.” I am not sure what we will end up calling it. Sonically, it will be like the sound of my last album “Mountain Music,” but this new release will have more songs I have written. It is nice to work with real players and nothing digital, not one part that is not real. I look forward to adding a little more on “Maybe,” and then getting the mixes done. Though these songs will be on my next release on Apple Music, etc., I am also happy that my publisher, Spirit Music, will be pitching them for film and TV. Here I am with Travis and Monty, after working more on background vocals and edits for the first three songs, “Maybe,” “She’s Slowly Slippin’ Away,” and “Third Person Singular” at Billy Decker’s studio in Nashville. All I know is I am writing from my heart, and all of these songs are me. Every song is a gift, and so is love. I hope that anyone who hears this music will feel that love and the genuine inspiration I felt when I wrote each song.

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Good to Be Back Home Again Vocally

Feels so good to be working again at Billy Decker’s studio here in Nashville where I spent countless hours a few years back working on my last album. As soon as I walked in the place it was like no time had passed and I was right back home again.

Billy has mixed many a hit record in country music in this studio, too. His collection of microphones are perfect for my voice. It was fun and easy to get my lead vocals, and we are adding more instruments soon and rough mixing and then more background vocals before moving on to the next batch of songs.

I look forward to every step of this project. I appreciate such a strong team of musicians and engineers who are working with me.

This is one happy Memorial Day weekend for me, pouring my heart into some new music written from my heart and seeing my songs come to life.

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“From the Heart of a Child” New Digital Music Release

I recorded my first album at age ten. As I heard it for the first time since my childhood last year, I could not help but cry thinking about my life and how faithful God has been to me through every season. I sang the songs with all of my heart as a child and mean them even more today.

I decided to make this available for everyone to hear. (I grew up in TN, but I went through a phase where I tried to sing these Christian songs without an accent, which is both cute and a little comical looking back. The album was recorded in the middle of that phase, and it was my first time being in a recording studio. I had no producer and there were no second takes).

I sang as a soloist in revival meetings back when Baptist churches had revival meetings. I began singing solos at age three but began traveling and singing professionally at age ten, the same year I recorded these songs.

Here is the album now on iTunes, Spotify, Napster, Soundcloud, Pandora and everywhere digital music is sold, as all money from it goes to support my Christian nonprofit organization that helps reach underprivileged children and more all over the world.

Dwayna Litz “From the Heart of a Child”

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