Book Signings, My Nonprofit, Health Coaching and Songwriting

I have speaking engagements scheduled to share my tips for women from my book Happiness No Man Required, including an international event for women in Sept. That being said, at this point, thanks to the covid delta variant on the rise again, everything is tentative pertaining to these book signings and singing and speaking engagements.

I spoke yesterday here in Nashville in Green Hills at a private event, and both men and women enjoyed hearing my tips for healthy dating. Both single men and women got my book. Here is a review from Thrive Blog/Huffington Post, as well as more information via this Thrive Blog/Huffington Post Interview .

I am also staying busy daily with health coaching. It is rewarding, as I have three clients who are losing so much weight through intermittent fasting and eating for insulin levels, that these women are the ones inspiring me! For more information, go to my health coaching web site HERE.

I am looking forward to resuming the recording for my next release, as all of my songs have now been written. However, that is on hold due to vaccine mandates for the studio where we want to record with some musicians working with me being vaccinated and some not wanting the vaccine. We will finish it when the time is right, and I plan to co-produce it with Tim Crouch, just like my last album, “Mountain Music.” I am loving all of the new music.

This photo below was taken last week , as I am continuing to make the most of every day, pandemic or no pandemic. I have never been sick and have yet to even have to take a covid test, and this is nothing I take for granted. I am staying busy making the most of every day!

I’m also working weekly with underprivileged children in my Character Counts Club in the projects of East Nashville, telling these sweet kids about Jesus. My life continues to be happy and fulfilled! For updates on the work of my nonprofit, go to my web site HERE.

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Dwayna Litz is an American singer, songwriter, author and speaker with music currently published by Universal Music, Spirit Music and her own ASCAP publishing company, Litz Music in Nashville.
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