Dwayna Gives Special Thanks for New CD


“This CD was first intended as only guitar and piano vocals. Special thanks to Peter Calo and Jeff Franzel for doing such beautiful work. I thank Barry for being so “with it” as a person and making it a pleasure to work closely with him on this project. For all of the time he spent gathering audio files from all the musicians and singers and for his level of musicianship and engineering, I owe a lot of gratitude to Barry Hartglass for this compilation.

Special thanks to Tony Guerrero for taking “I’ve Got A Feeling About You” a direction I never imagined and doing it so tastefully. I want to thank Chris Gilroy for his valuable input when we worked together at Lofish and for believing in my own ability to produce my songs. Much appreciation goes to Seth Glassman for the attention he gave to “Cry Like A Baby” when I needed his advice. Special thanks to Scott Coney for putting together such a killer band of musicians for “This Train Is Bound for Glory” and for his friendship.

The best brought out the best in me. I sincerely thank everyone who played and sang and worked with me on this CD. It took me back to my roots. I’m the girl I used to know again, thanks to you.”


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About Dwayna Litz

Dwayna Litz is an American singer, songwriter, author and speaker with music currently published by Universal Music, Spirit Music and her own ASCAP publishing company, Litz Music in Nashville.
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