Healthy, Happy, Busy Fall

I checked my resting heart rate today for the first time in a month. It was a low 51! I am loving every day of my healthy life eating plant based and am inspired by my low resting heart rate as a norm to keep it up! Last week my long time friend, Robin, and I met up in TN for a workout in the mountains. It was my last few days off before a nonstop fall and winter, including getting back to NYC soon. When I lived in Los Angeles from 2001 to 2006, Robin was my closest friend, and we used to do outreach together. It was so nice to have her stay with me in TN and hike the beautiful mountains. I love my friends! Above are some photos of the first colors of autumn brightening up the forest. After hiking 5.2 miles I was not even sore. Here’s to eating a plant based, whole foods diet!

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Dwayna Litz is an American singer, songwriter, author and speaker with music currently published by Universal Music, Spirit Music and her own ASCAP publishing company, Litz Music in Nashville.
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