Working in Sarasota, FL

It’s a beautiful fall, expanding my nonprofit to Sarasota, FL.

I plan to begin an outreach to underprivileged children, as well as to unwed mothers and teens who have been sex-trafficked via my 501c3 Lighting the Way Worldwide and am already making progress getting this off the ground here in Sarasota. I am enjoying every day of life in God’s faithfulness with a heart filled with joy. I will be relocating to live here full time next year and having Sarasota as the base for my nonprofit. In the meantime, I will be working between Sarasota and Nashville.

Happy Autumn, everyone!

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New Music Video for Pandemic 2020

Here is my new video, dedicated to frontline heroes, those who have lost their jobs from the shutdowns, people who have passed away from the Covid-19 virus and those of us who are still going through this time in good health, not knowing what tomorrow holds. As the video reads, “May God be with us all.” HERE is “By and By/I Must Tell Jesus” about God’s faithfulness to keep seeing us through.

(All proceeds go to support the work of my nonprofit, helping underprivileged children during this time).


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Staying Safe, Happy and Healthy

Life goes on in this pandemic life in 2020…Stay safe, and stay healthy, everyone…

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