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I am happy to announce that, as of last month, I helped a client who has also become my friend achieve her weight loss goal of 91 pounds! She told me today that her husband has lost just as much as she with only 5 more pounds to go to reach his goal. I also helped another client lose 71 pounds, as of January. I am practicing what I preach in working out more than ever and feeling more energetic than ever, eating only plant based and juicing lots of green vegetables. I help people for free with a donation to my nonprofit  every 30 days if we succeed (which goes to help underprivileged kids). It truly makes me feel so good, and I have two new clients now I am helping feel better about themselves through breaking food addiction. Check out my health coaching site at .

I have finished a new music release in Nashville, and it will be out this spring–all songs I have written from my heart. It will be called “Maybe.” Until it is out this spring, check out music for free on my web site at .

I have never been happier, expanding my nonprofit to help underprivileged kids in Sarasota with a new Character Counts Club for children and teens who are raised in crime-filled projects. Our Character Counts Club in Nashville to underprivileged children and teens is also still going strong. I am thankful for every day and love making the most of it!


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Speaking and Singing at “eWomen” Event

I just got booked to speak and sing next February at an event for women called “eWomen,” an international networking event for single women with an emphasis on helping single mothers. Amy works with single mothers who have kids with disabilities. We are expecting one hundred women to come from all over the world. I will share my tips from my book ‘Happiness No Man Required and sing at this event here in the Brentwood/Franklin, TN, area next year. I love encouraging women, and I really look forward to this!

Pictured below is Amy Karaman, the founder of eWomen and my other fabulous single girlfriends, who were here from Sarasota, at Bourbon Steak in downtown Nashville, as we are making the most out of life, meeting lots of new people and loving every minute of it! Even though I am moving soon to Sarasota, FL,  I will be back to speak, sing and record more songs. I also love “my kids” in the projects and will be back to check on them. Sarasota feels like the best base for me at this time. It is currently my favorite city. It has an international airport, and I plan to keep traveling a lot. Here’s to every fresh season and God doing something new!

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Great Session Last Week in Nashville

I recorded three more songs I have written. I love working with these accomplished and genius musicians who make everything so easy for me. We recorded at Sound Stage Studios on Music Row.

Fiddle, Mandolin: Tim Crouch; Guitars: Scott Coney; Piano: Jeff Taylor; Bass: Jay Weaver; Drums: John Arrucci; Background Vocals: Monty Allen and Angela Primm

We all had a great time, and now I am enjoying the rough mixes. We will be adding a few more instruments, too. These will be part of my release “Maybe,” which is due to be out next year everywhere digital music is sold.


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