Recording Session at Ocean Way

I have begun working on my next release, and I had the time of my life last Friday at a twelve hour session at Ocean Way, working with stellar musicians, songwriters and singers, all of whom were very inspiring. We worked on three new songs I have written.  I am not sure what this next album will be called. All I know is I have ten-twelve songs that are all me. I am enjoying working on finishing the rest of them, getting ready for my next session for the next batch.

I had not seen some of these musician and writer friends of mine in years, and it brought back memories from when I worked with them at the age of nineteen on Music Row (when I got my first publishing deal). I used to work daily with Mark Capps, the recording engineer for this session, at the old Sound Shop Studio, owned by Buddy Killen. Mark now has a collection of Grammys, and the same goes for most of the people pictured. Photos in the order pictured: Bruce Bouton (steel, dobro), Jeff Taylor (piano, keys), myself, Dennis Crouch (upright bass), Mark Capps (engineer) and Jeff Crossan (co-writer on one of the songs). We ended the day with some background vocals with Monty Allen and Suzanne Young, and they did a beautiful job.

The whole day was fun, and we all shared a musical chemistry that was special. I began the day with B. James Lowry, as we started with guitar vocals and built from there. It’s nice to be recording in Nashville again. I started here at age fifteen, moved here at age seventeen, backstage and onstage at the Grand Ol’ Opry, and began singing demos on Music Row at age eighteen. Now, I have come full circle, and it feels so good to be back musically.

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Sarasota to Nashville

Well, Sarasota was so inspiring from a standpoint of fitness that I am still getting up early to workout. There is no Siesta Key, but I do an hour on the treadmill and mat Pilates afterwards five times a week every morning and feel so good!

I am working on three new songs and excited about recording them next month with some of the greatest musicians here, some of whom are now in the Musicians Hall of Fame. It is especially fun since I have worked with all of them in the past, and this will be the first time we have worked together in many years. I am happy about working with my old sound engineer again who has now won a collection of Grammys for his sound engineering. We are keeping the music simple and real, starting out with guitar vocals and going from there. I have written them all, so this project is close to my heart. I am really enjoying the creativity in it all as I am producing it  all.  It’s  good  to  be  back  where  I  live  in  creative  Franklin, TN.The first thing I did when I got back in town was get to my outreach to underprivileged children who live in the crime-filled projects of East Nashville to see them again for the first time in so many months. I love them so much! God is at work as I will be starting back up our Christian-based Character Counts Club this Wednesday with treats donated from Publix. I will also be in touch with Walmart and Target via my 501c3 for more help going forward, as we have rewards and incentives for good grades, too. We have the “Honor Your Mother” program to reward each child with ten cents a day for every day they obey their mothers, to equal $3.00 per month per child, and we have seen kids go from bad behavior to perfect behavior. I am also planning to teach a child, already in the fifth grade, how to read. I plan to get them all Bibles, and we are excited about learning songs, playing games and learning more about Jesus this Easter season.  I plan  to  begin  auditioning  them  for  a  singing  group,  as  I plan  to  teach  them  new  songs,  harmony  and  choreography. I plan to call the new singing group “The Rich Kids” because they are rich in God’s love!

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Writing and Working in Sarasota

I am not missing the cold weather now up North, still in Sarasota working on new songs here I am writing, which I plan to record when I get back to Nashville, and expanding the work of my nonprofit here to help more underprivileged children. My brother came to visit, and we had a great time with my mother. I had planned to be back in TN by now but with the weather and COVID, I am so thankful to be able to work from here. I have a very healthy lifestyle here, up at 5:00 and walking the length of Siesta Key and back (almost 7 miles) by 8:00, then Pilates at 8:30, and then working all day from here. I am enjoying being a snowbird and plan to be back in Nashville next month. And, in addition to web site updates for  and new songs, I am also working with new health coaching clients via It’s easy to practice what I preach here in healthy Sarasota! I love every minute of it! With new friends here from NYC, I feel right at home.

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