Back to Book Signings After Pandemic

We made it through the pandemic, and now I am getting back to book signings!

This coming winter, when I get back to Sarasota, FL (my winter home), I will be much busier than before with speaking engagements to women about my book. I look forward to my early mornings, walking miles on the beach and praying as I walk about each day, but it is looking like there will not be time for anything else in the mornings, as I will be speaking to women on my tips for happiness —from nonprofits like Crisis Pregnancy Centers to civic clubs. I look forward to these book signings, which I am already setting up in FL. I am already shipping books for them.

Stay tuned for signings around Nashville and speaking engagements to women at Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the greater Nashville area, too.

Caveat: My book ‘Happiness No Man Required’ is not against good men but in support of love that is real and all about God’s faithfulness when we live for Him. It is about a healthy life overflowing with confidence that only God’s love can give, which enables us to then know love that is true and lasting with someone else.

A review on Happiness No Man Required–50 Tips for Single Women to be Happy With or Without a Man from Huffington Post is HERE.

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My Next Album “Tennessee River”

We are moving forward mixing my first three songs for my next album “Tennessee River.” I’m excited about it! As soon as the mandatory vaccine rule lifts at my favorite studio here for recording, we will move on to finish it.

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Rough Mixes Sounding Great

We now have all of the instruments added except one for my new songs. It is all sounding so good, including the background vocals. I enjoyed working with Travis Humbert on the editing and Monty Allen on background vocals. It is thanks to all of the talented people working with me that these songs are exactly as I wanted them to be as I wrote them, and even more. We will be ready for the final mixes soon. The new release of ten songs might be called “Maybe.” I am not sure what we will end up calling it. Sonically, it will be like the sound of my last album “Mountain Music,” but this new release will have more songs I have written. It is nice to work with real players and nothing digital, not one part that is not real. I look forward to adding a little more on “Maybe,” and then getting the mixes done. Though these songs will be on my next release on Apple Music, etc., I am also happy that my publisher, Spirit Music, will be pitching them for film and TV. Here I am with Travis and Monty, after working more on background vocals and edits for the first three songs, “Maybe,” “She’s Slowly Slippin’ Away,” and “Third Person Singular” at Billy Decker’s studio in Nashville. All I know is I am writing from my heart, and all of these songs are me. Every song is a gift, and so is love. I hope that anyone who hears this music will feel that love and the genuine inspiration I felt when I wrote each song.

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