New Music Projects and Next Music Video Soon to Come

New music soon to come with a new digital release this spring of me singing at age ten. Additionally, I will begin recording a new music project of love songs I am writing in January in Nashville. Contemporary Country will be the genre as I begin with guitar vocals and build from there.

We hope to have a new music video out on YouTube by the end of this year featuring the work of my Christian nonprofit to underprivileged children who live in the projects of East Nashville.

I am having a creative holiday season!

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Outreach to Underprivileged Children in East Nashville

For more information on how my 501c3 is helping kids and sharing the Gospel with them and their single mothers, please go to my web site at  and go to Nashville “Kids in the Projects.”

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Back Home in Music City

It has been a fun day on this rainy day in Nashville. I am working on a new music project. It was great to meet multi Dove winner and Grammy nominated, Ben Isaacs, when he stopped by today, too.

Since I have been back, I feel within my heart that the mission work with my 501c3 is so special with the underprivileged kids who live in the projects of East Nashville that it truly has been God’s doing and continues to be His work. I can’t give up on it, no matter what, and I want to keep it going. We are waiting to get indoor space so I can teach them more about Jesus. Or, I had the idea this morning, I could see about getting iPads donated from Apple for them so I can teach them via FaceTime through Covid and when I am out of town. They have nothing, not even new coats, so they have no money for computers. I am now praying for that because the kids in my Character Counts Club not only have good character but so do their single mothers. The iPads or laptops would only be for these kids who are trustworthy. I have been working in the rough neighborhood for over a year as a missionary. The five kids within my group have proven they are trustworthy, as well as the single mothers. I cannot say that for the rest of the neighborhood. This is why I have narrowed it down to five kids for now who meet the standard for good character.

Before I head out of town back to Sarasota to begin new outreaches there November through December, I plan to take my underprivileged kids in East Nashville and their single mothers to Walmart to get them an early Christmas gift and also make sure they all have coats again this year.

This morning brought back memories from my youth, as I got to be with a sound engineer who worked with me every day when I was twenty-one and had a publishing deal with Buddy Killen Music. It’s good to be back in Music City and still be calling Franklin, TN, home.

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