“Always a pleasure making joyful sounds with Dwayna.” Dennis Crouch , Bassist; Dennis has worked with artists like the following and more:  Gregg AllmanT Bone BurnettJohnny CashElvis CostelloHarry Connick Jr.Elton JohnDiana KrallAlison KraussImelda MayWillie NelsonRobert PlantSteven TylerJohn MellencampRalph StanleyPaula ColeLoretta LynnVince GillThe Chieftains, and Steve Earle.

“Dwayna is one of the most expressive singers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. It’s rare to find an artist who sings from their heart and their soul.”Mark Miller, mixing engineer for Garth Brook’s mega hit album “No Fences” and all of Garth’s albums, currently working as producer and engineer for Garth Brooks

“Dwayna is an extremely beautiful girl with the voice of an angel. Look out world, here she comes!”Larry Henley, Grammy winner for writing “Wind Beneath My Wings” which won a Grammy for Song of the Year by Bette Midler in Beaches soundtrack; inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame for this song and his many other hits in both country and pop music.

“Dwayna has always been a star. Her voice is so warm and expressive that you feel like you have found a dear friend as soon as you hear her sing. Her new collection is intimate and cozy, confessional and honest. Refreshingly free of over produced bombast and wonderfully easy on the ears. Dwayna and her timeless music are excellent company. Experience her delightful musical presence for yourself…”Vip Vipperman, songwriter BMI Billionaire Award for writing “1982” recorded by Randy Travis, ASCAP award for “1982” by Randy Travis, Nominated for CMA Song of the Year; Grammy Award for Best Country Album “The Cold, Hard Truth” by George Jones for his third single “Sinners and Saints” (Discography also includes cuts with Reba McEntire, LeAnne Rimes , Trace Adkins and John Michael Montgomery)

“Dwayna Litz is an exceptional talent, and I had the honor of recording piano on her album ‘I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again.’ It’s rare to meet a singer these days with a signature sound as well as an amazing songwriting talent. Having the two, as well as great performing skills, is a unique gift. I feel that Dwayna will have a successful career and look forward to continuing our great musical collaboration together.” Jeff Franzel, pianist, songwriter (Discography includes working with artists from Frank Sinatra to writing songs for Taylor Dayne with songwriting credits also in film)

Music Morsels reviews Dwayna Litz CD I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again

“Many thanks for the music, Dwayna! The songs are so well written on your CD I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again and then, well, you sing the brains out of them. I will definitely be wearing out this CD!” Ralph Murphy, songwriter, ASCAP Nashville office, author of the book for songwriters Murphy’s Laws of Songwriting, former president of Nashville Songwriter’s Association, former president of the Nashville chapter of the National Academy of the Recording Arts and Sciences.

“I’ve been blessed in this business to work with many artists from beginners to Grammy winners. Dwayna Litz is not only a talented singer and interpreter of a lyric, she is such a magnificent soul. Her love and even her smile comes across on this latest disc “Mountain Music.” I am so honored to have been a small part of this project. I just love her to pieces. She is such a gifted singer, encourager, author and true-hearted, kind, young woman who is a role model for all. Give her a listen and a read…You’ll be glad you did, and you can thank me later!“Monty Lane Allen, singer, EMI songwriter, musician ; discography and videos include artist deals in Gospel and country music; singing, recording, and performing on the road and in the studio with Alan Jackson as a member of his band since the 90s.

“The first time I met Dwayna I knew without question she was bound for success. She has a passion and a joy for life and her music. Being a former A&R executive, it’s one of the most important qualities we look for in an artist. She has all of that and more. Dwayna can deliver songs in all styles, whether it be Jazz, big band, bluegrass or contemporary country. Dwayna’s music will be a beautiful blessing to you.” —Larry Shell, songwriter and former A&R director at Polydor Records, A&M Records and Broken Bow Records (Discography includes co-writing “Murder on Music Row”  , which was CMA Song of the Year recorded by George Strait and Alan Jackson)

“What an artist to collaborate with! Dwayna has an earthy, authentic and soulful country voice that is unmistakably hers. And her beauty of musical Spirit matches her physical beauty as well. Believe me, that helps in today’s market. I was so happy and proud to hear the finished product of Dwayna’s production of our song ‘Yes I Would.’  As I continue to listen to the whole album ‘I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again,’ I am so impressed. She has great songs and has chosen great musicians, singers and studios to make for a CD of great performances. I believe this album is a classic, and I’m so proud to be her friend and co-writer.”  Hubert Eaves III, musician, producer, writer, arranger for such artists as Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Madonna, D Train, Aretha Franklin, Biggie Smalls, Miles Davis, most notably

“I have worked with Dwayna on projects of different styles. She always approaches the material honestly and with knowledge and respect, which allows her natural talent to shine through.”Graham Hawthorne, musician, producer, writer, arranger/ founder of Harlem Speakeasy Orchestra in NYC/has played in every genre–big band, swing, funk, country, Jazz, movie soundtracks/ played for an array of artists ranging from Loretta Lynn to Paul Simon and James Brown .

“I am honored to call Dwayna my friend.  Whether singing, writing, or performing, she approaches music and life with a passion that I’ve rarely seen in all my years in the music business.  From Jazz to bluegrass, or any other style of music, it really doesn’t matter–she does it all incredibly well with the heart and soul that most performers could only dream of having.” Scott Coney, guitarist for Alan Jackson, arranger for Alan’s bluegrass album (Discography also including guitarist for Martina McBride).

“Dwayna knows exactly what she wants in her music and, like a laser beam, she goes after it with a passion that has allowed her to carve a niche all to herself. Amid the many artists these days who are searching for their own identity, she completely owns hers and builds her musical empire with grace, elegance, and faith as her foundation and support beams.” Randy Kohrs, singer, songwriter, musician, Grammy winning recording and mixing engineer for his work at Slack Key Studio (Discography includes Dolly Parton, Jim Lauderdale, Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson)

“What a pleasure it was to play on this project and co-produce it. “My hat’s off to you. I can feel the emotion in every line you sing.”” Tim Crouch, musician –bluegrass fiddle and mandolin (Discography includes Grand Ole Opry, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, Rascal Flatts and Charley Pride)

“I felt a connection to Dwayna the first time we spoke by phone, before we met and worked together. Now that I have recorded several times with her, I can confirm what I knew right away; Dwayna is an exceptional person, first and foremost, with the goodness of God all over her. Beyond that, her wonderful gifts as a singer and songwriter complete the compelling picture. I am blessed to know her.”- John Arrucci,  Percussionist, Composer; prolific experience in music for television, feature films, artist projects, with recordings/performances w/Mariah Carey, David Byrne, Livingston Taylor, and more.

“Dwayna is a unique artist with a sound all her own. No matter the genre, she’s got soul. I knew from the first time we rehearsed our guitar vocals on the first song for her “I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again” album that we had a special, musical chemistry. Really enjoyed making music with this artist who writes songs that will touch your heart. Peter Calo, Guitarist, Arranger, Producer, Songwriter, Broadway and Movie Soundtracks; has worked with artists such as Carly Simon, Queen Latifah, Sophie B. Hawkins and Jimmy Webb in television specials, live performances, and recordings and more.

“Dwayna is a powerhouse singer who deserves to be heard. She sings from her heart, and I guarantee you she will reach yours. “–Bruce Burch, songwriter, former Creative Director at EMI Publishing in Nashville, Director of University of Georgia’s Music Business program , elected by the Recording Academy as National Trustee at Kennesaw State University working with entertainment attorney Joel Katz

“In the short time that I’ve known Dwayna, since first recording with her on her “Counting Your Blessings” Jazz CD, she has managed to accomplish things that have taken others years. It’s rare that one encounters a young artist who has the talent, drive, and focus which she embodies and, when you do, you’d be wise to pay attention!”Paul Livant, guitarist (discography including Daryl Hall and Paul Simon)

“Dwayna has a heart of gold and her voice and music exemplifies that quality.  She has a pure Appalachian tone that resonates whether she’s singing contemporary Jazz, pop or country.  She’s all about telling her truth through song. Dwayna is a passionate, sincere artist for whom I have a great deal of respect.”–Tabitha Fair, singer (Discography including Amy Grant, Sting, Wynonna Judd, Michael McDonald, Saturday Night Live and America’s Got Talent)

“I always have great respect and admiration for artists who chart their own path and find a way to express their creativity.  Dwayna makes that happen!  She’s got something to say, and she knows how to say it.  She’s a delight to work with in the studio, and I always appreciate her voice as an artist…and her soul as a person!  She’s the real deal.”Neal Coomer, singer (Discography includes Saturday Night Live, Good Morning America, Dolly Parton, Elton John, Sting, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Sheryl Crow and Lenny Kravitz )

“There are lots of singers and lots of songwriters out there, but there are very few who come straight from the heart. Dwayna Litz is one of those singer/songwriters. Her joy and sincerity are palpable in her music, and her connection to the lyric is always heartfelt and authentic. This isn’t music for music’s sake, but music from the heart of a very talented woman. The industry needs more Dwaynas!”Tony Guerrero, Jazz trumpeter, songwriter, producer (Discography including Freddie HubbardTom ScottBrian WilsonBilly IdolSlashPhil Keaggy and David Pack

“I was recently surprised when I received a copy of a CD project I played on.  In the studio it was hard to tell what the end result was to be. I was smiling ear to ear when I heard Dwayna’s wonderful voice on the recording. She has such great presence and control. I was very impressed with the down to earth and soulful feeling conveyed in her music. I’d be happy to share the stage with Dwayna in any musical situation. Keep your eyes and ears focused on her! She’s an angel….”John Allred, Jazz trombonist

“Dwayna is an extremely talented and versatile singer/songwriter who performs in multiple genres – Jazz, adult contemporary, pop/rock, country, bluegrass and more. I recorded a lot of the music on her ‘Counting Your Blessings’ CD, mixed a song on her ‘Still’ CD and am currently recording and mixing music for her next CD ‘I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again’. She is one of the most appreciative people I’ve ever worked with and is very thorough and clear in her communications. Dwayna is an extremely professional singer with an impressive and powerfully expressive range. She is always prepared vocally and consistently produces great results quickly in the studio. It is always a pleasure to work with Dwayna.”Barry Hartglass, recording and mixing engineer, musician, arranger 

 “Some artists have incredible talent at expressing emotions. They might have trained for decades, given their whole lives to the craft. Each note, each word, each syllable, can emote so deeply. Often times, there is some struggle to find that perfect performance. Then there is the rare artist who makes it so look so easy that every performance is a keeper. Over the past year I have been recording the new record, I’m The Girl I Used to Know Again, from Dwayna Litz.  Every time she would sing, be it in front of a mic or in the control room, was so effortlessly beautiful and emotional…” Chris Gilroy , recording engineer  (For full review go here).

“Dwayna Litz is a deeply moving singer, strongly connected to the message in her songs.  She has the ability to draw in an audience because of her expressive vocalism and musicality.  Dwayna sets herself apart from other singers because of her professionalism and innate musicianship.” —Matthew Odell, classical pianist, Carnegie Hall

“Dwayna is an excellent vocal technician with solid range and power, and I am proud to say we have worked together and been friends for years. She has the envious ability to quickly get to the heart of a song and emotionally bring it to the surface. She shows up to the session on time ready to work and always has such a beautiful spirit. She is a complete pro, and it is always a joy to work with her.”Scat Springs, singer (Discography including Brian McKnight, Michael McDonald, Donna Summer, Patti LaBelle, Faith Hill and more)

“Dwayna Litz can sing…”Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives  

“Although I’ve had the pleasure to know Dwayna and to have performed on her CDs, her music continues to move me. Her songs are heartfelt and emotive, and her singing imbues them with a rare honesty and beauty. I look forward to more of her great music.” Gary Schreiner, musician, composer, arranger (Discography includes working with artists such as Roseanne Cash and Elton John and writing music for major film and TV including commercials)

“What a treat to work with Dwayna on her Jazz CD! We had an instant musical connection- love at first note!”—Larry Ham, Jazz pianist

“Dwayna’s music is as beautiful as she is. This CD ‘I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again’ shows that beautifully written songs and artful lovely vocals are powerful enough to only need simple, tasteful production. How unusual in today’s music to listen to an artist whose songs and vocals are strong enough to stand on their own. Congratulations to Dwayna to creating this gem of an album for anyone who would like to hear ‘real’ songs.” Gloria Sklerov, songwriter with hits such as “I Just Fall in Love Again” recorded by The Carpenters, Anne Murray and Dusty Springfield

“Working with Dwayna on her song ‘Place of Surrender’ was such an awesome journey recording with the best players in R&B…”  —“JFly” Jorel Flynn  (Discography includes Kelly Price, Bobby Brown, Tyler Perry’s “The Family that Preys”) 

Thrive Global/Huffington Post Interview 

Thrive Global Blog/Huffington Post book review for Dwayna’s book for single women Happiness: No Man Required–50 Tips for Single Women to be Happy With or Without a Man.