Dwayna Litz is an American singer, songwriter, author and speaker with music currently published by Universal MusicSpirit Music and her own ASCAP publishing company, Litz Music. Her songs are available on Pandora Radio, Spotify, Apple Music,  WalmartCD BabyiTunes , Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Her CD “I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again” of songs she has written and Jazz CD “Counting Your Blessings,” recorded with a full orchestra of new renditions of the Great American Songbook, are Jazz and Easy Listening love songs she sings with soul. They suprisingly also compliment her tips for women from her book Happiness No Man Required. This is because her book is not against good men but about knowing what true love really is and knowing it is worth the wait. Like her book, her songs come from a place of authenticity, not manufactured. They are packed with old fashioned romance, while at the same time invoking an attitude of being true to one’s self. She is obviously someone who does everything she does with all of her heart, from every facet of the work of her nonprofit to each layer of her music in every genre. As her art imitates her life, her art is who she is. The musical journey is an honest one. If there is one word to describe her music and writing it is “real.”

Dwayna’s first cut as a songwriter was on Patti LaBelle’s Grammy nominated “Flame” album with a song she co-wrote, “Let Me Be There for You.” She went on to have more cuts in country, R&B and Christian music. Dwayna co-produced with Tim Crouch and Scott Coney her “Mountain Music” last CD in Nashville of funky, bluegrass standards, along with new renditions of classics like “Take Me Home Country Roads” for the purpose of a distribution deal with Barnes and Noble, Walmart and Cracker Barrel Stores.


Born in Knoxville, TN, Dwayna Litz began performing in front of audiences at age two in churches, civic clubs and weddings. Dwayna grew up singing hymns in Baptist churches as a soloist, traveling as a child to sing in revival meetings throughout America, as well as Korea, Haiti and India. Dwayna shared platforms with Christian artists such as Larnelle Harris, opening for him in concert at age ten. Charles Stanley, then president of the Southern Baptist Convention, said he was very impressed with her when she sang at age twelve in his church First Baptist Atlanta when her microphone stopped working, and she just kept on singing. Dwayna had a leading role singing in an opera at age ten, “The Happy Prince.” When she auditioned for the movie “Annie,” she was motioned by Garrison True, the director, to come to his table and talk privately to him and other judges. He said, “You are exactly what we are looking for, but you are just too tall.” She won “Best of Show” in musical theater for the state of FL when she was a sophomore in high school for her rendition of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” at FL State University.

Dwayna recorded her third album in Nashville at age fifteen with the CMA orchestra arranger Australian Bill Walker, which was the same year she opened for Charlie McClain and her husband Wayne Massey at the Central FL State Fair. She spent the following summer at age sixteen singing country and bluegrass music at Archie Campbell’s Hee Haw Village in Pigeon Forge, TN, and moved to Nashville at age seventeen and spent her senior year of high school hanging out backstage at the Grand Ole Opry  and singing on the Grand Ole Gospel music hour on Saturday nights. Dwayna began singing demos and jingles on Music Row at age eighteen and signed her first publishing deal in Nashville at age nineteen with Harris Richardson Music, whose catalog was later sold to Universal. She was signed as an artist with Larry Butler producing that same year.  She also worked with Buddy Killen at age twenty-one when Buddy signed her as a singer/songwriter at Buddy Killen Music saying she was “star quality.” The catalog was sold to Cal IV Entertainment, which was then bought by Spirit Music. After having production deals with songwriters like Rivers Rutherford and Michael Garvin, Dwayna was later signed to Sanjek Entertainment with Rick Sanjek as manager in Nashville. She has had production deals with Arista Records and Warner Brothers .

Mark Miller (currently the producer for Garth Brooks and the former engineer for Garth Brooks album “No Fences” and all of his hit records) produced Dwayna recording songs such as “Sweet Memories” written by Garth Brooks and Pat Alger and “Lovin’ On The Edge” by Kostas at Jack’s Tracks Studios owned by Allen Reynolds on Music Row. Dwayna has worked with award winning writers in Nashville such as Larry Shell,  Bruce BurchVip VippermanSam Lorber, Pete Wasner, Michael GarvinGreg BarnhillGloria Sklerov and Rivers Rutherford. Lulu Roman recorded “When I Don’t Call Your Name” co-written by Dwayna Litz, Tony Harrell and Mike Wells on her album “Seven Times” with performances on cable networks including CBN. She has trained at the Singer’s Forum in NYC where she was offered a scholarship to study musical theater and been coached by Renee Grant Williams while working as a recording artist in Nashville.  She entertained three nights a week around Manhattan in the 90s with a song list of 100 songs from the Great American Songbook with her blind pianist, Jimmy Hill, and they gigged in the West Village, Lincoln Center and West Harlem and did a gospel brunch on Sundays in Brooklyn where she sang two sets of a tribute to Mahalia Jackson once a month. Dwayna’s music video “Satisfy My Soul” was featured on Music Dish in 2012 with her remake of the old Jazz standard first recorded by Ella Johnson in 1950.

Dwayna has worked most of the life as an artist based out of either Nashville, Los Angeles or NYC as a singer, songwriter, author, inspirational speaker and founder of her nonprofit org. Lighting the Way Worldwide. She continues to expand her versatility as an artist and has written and recorded in the genres of country, pop, R&B, soul, Jazz, Adult Contemporary, bluegrass, musical theater and Christian music. She currently resides in Sarasota, FL, where she helps underprivileged children with her nonprofit organization, Lighting the Way Worldwide.  She continues to record in Nashville.


 “My Prize” album –Christian; recorded in Manhattan 2009; “Still” album– Christian; recorded in NYC and Atlanta 2011; “Counting Your Blessings” –Jazz standards from the Great American Songbook; recorded with full orchestra in NYC 2012; “I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again”–Easy Listening, Contemporary Country, Folk, Singer/Songwriter album of piano and guitar vocals (often compared with Norah Jones); recorded in NYC and Nashville 2014; “Mountain Music” –Traditional Country and Bluegrass standards with one song she wrote for her grandfather “Pickin’ Bluegrass in the Backyard,” updated lyrics to “Country Boy” dedicated to her dad, and “Stroll Over Heaven” for her grandparents who have passed away; recorded in Nashville 2018.

“From the Heart of a Child”–first album of Christian music recorded at age 10 (now available); “From the Heart of a Teen”–second album of Christian music recorded at age 13, comprised of songs Dwayna grew up singing in Baptist revival meetings as a child representing a church culture of days gone by in America, along with that era of music (now available).


All of the above CD and albums are also available digitally on sites like Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, and Napster, as well as the following digital releases of songs written or co-written by Dwayna: “As Good As It Feels” (2010);“In America” (2010); “Is It Just Me,”(2015); “The Gift,” (2016); and “Maybe” (2022)–available everywhere digital music is heard and sold.


America Come Home –coffee table quote book on American history with color photos to illustrate how much the culture has shifted; includes original precepts from Harvard, Yale and Princeton to show they were founded as Christian institutions –2013

Happiness No Man Required–50 Tips for Single Women to be Happy With or Without A Man–self-help book for women to know their worth–2016


Dwayna penned her uplifting, self-help book for women Happiness No Man Required 50 Tips for Single Women to be Happy With or Without a Man for women to know their worth. She began traveling as an author and speaker after it was released in 2016, giving inspiration to women from all walks of life with Barnes and Noble book signings and book signings and speaking engagements at women’s conventions all over America. With her testimony of strength offered through her 50 tips, each tip is illustrated by true stories about the men she has dated, lessons she has learned, and how God has been faithful through it all.  Dwayna ends her speaking with her song, “I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again,” about coming full circle in healing through the beauty of every season of life and all things working out for good, thanks to God’s love.

With more women single than married in America today, Happiness No Man Required by Dwayna Litz has a much needed message with 50 Tips teaching women how to feel complete and whole, with or without a man’s affirmation. Happiness No Man Required is not a man-basher but an honest portrayal of what women face in today’s dating scene, compassionately encouraging women to realize that being single or married does not have to be a distortion of their dreams coming true. Dwayna’s tips include Know the Difference Between Love and Love Addiction; Hitler Was Charming, Too; Give Yourself 90 Days to Detox; Count Your Blessings; Leave Mr. Wrong Without Gaining Weight; Happiness=Compatibility in Character; It’s a Trap if You Are Trying to Save Him; Beware of Online Dating; A Crazy Man Will Make You Crazy; How to Have a Happy Valentine’s Day Without a Man; Good Men Still Exist; Do a Background Check; Hold On to Your Money; An Abuser Will Still Be Abusive Even if You are Perfect; Beware of Dangerous Men in Church; You Are the Prize, and Happiness Happens When You Least Expect It. The page turner resonates with women of all ages and backgrounds. Women laugh and cry as their hearts are touched listening to her testimony of God’s faithfulness.

 Happiness No Man Required praises true love and good men, instructing women how to know the difference between the good and the bad and love and love addiction. Litz cheers single women on living in a postmodern age where the label of being called an Old Maid has become antiquated. Her tips offer healing to women suffering from depression, anxiety, codependency, sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, eating disorders and love addiction. An engaging speaker, all of Dwayna’s 50 Tips shift the quest of finding romance with a man to first discovering how to become at peace from within. Litz promises any woman that when she learns to like and approve of the woman she is and realizes what it means to be true to herself as her own best friend, God’s love alone can be enough for happiness. Dwayna speaks and sings to challenge women of all walks of life to be all they can be.


Dwayna is a certified health coach and helps people lose weight and break food addiction for free with a donation to her nonprofit at the end of every 30 days. Tending to be a workaholic, Dwayna does advanced mat Pilates for fun with long planks that challenge and lots of ab work, along with advanced stretches for lengthening and balance. You can find her every morning at the gym around 5:30 A.M. six days a week doing miles of speed walking and jogging (1-2 hours a day), as early morning fitness is her hobby, along with eating right and drinking green juices. Check out testimonials on her health coaching site at DwaynaLitzHealthCoach.com .


Dwayna founded the Walking in the Light Project to support victims of domestic crimes against humanity, dedicated to the survivors of the Boston Marathon Bombing and the shooting at Mother Emmanuel Church in Charleston, SC, where she sang on a Sunday morning following the shooting in 2015. Dwayna aims to do a music video for her song, “Walkin’ in the Light” to benefit the victims of such hate crimes. The purpose of the video is to stand against racism and prejudice with the goal of uniting people, to bring more love to America. In hopes that this video will raise money for victims, a fund will be set aside through Dwayna’s nonprofit org. to aid survivors, especially families of children shot in schools. Outreaches are also being done to show appreciation to police officers and fireman who keep us safe with random shootings still ensuing as a result of a downward spiral in the landscape of American culture, in need of more hope, peace, and love and light from within.


“Dwayna has always been a star. Her voice is so warm and expressive that you feel like you have found a dear friend as soon as you hear her sing. Her new collection is intimate and cozy, confessional and honest. Refreshingly free of over produced bombast and wonderfully easy on the ears. Dwayna and her timeless music are excellent company. Experience her delightful musical presence for yourself…” —Vip Vipperman, songwriter BMI Billionaire Award for writing “1982” recorded by Randy TravisASCAP award for “1982” by Randy Travis, Nominated for CMA Song of the YearGrammy Award for Best Country Album “The Cold, Hard Truth” by George Jones for his third single “Sinners and Saints” (Discography also includes cuts with Reba McEntire , LeAnne RimesTrace Adkins and John Michael Montgomery)

“Dwayna is an extremely beautiful girl with the voice of an angel. Lookout world, here she comes!”Larry Henley, Grammy winner for writing “Wind Beneath My Wings” which won a Grammy for Song of the Year by Bette Midler in Beaches soundtrack; inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame for this song and his many other hits in both country and pop music.

“The first time I met Dwayna I knew without question she was bound for success. She has a passion and a joy for life and her music. Being a former A&R executive, it’s one of the most important qualities we look for in an artist. She has all of that and more. Dwayna can deliver songs in all styles, whether it be Jazz, big band, bluegrass or contemporary country. Dwayna’s music will be a beautiful blessing to you.” —Larry Shell, songwriter and former A&R director at Polydor RecordsA&M Records and Broken Bow Records (Discography includes co-writing “Murder on Music Row” , which was CMA Song of the Year recorded by George Strait and Alan Jackson)

“What an artist to collaborate with! Dwayna has an earthy, authentic and soulful country voice that is unmistakably hers. And her beauty of musical Spirit matches her physical beauty as well. Believe me, that helps in today’s market. I was so happy and proud to hear the finished product of Dwayna’s production of our song ‘Yes I Would.’  As I continue to listen to the whole album ‘I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again,’ I am so impressed. She has great songs and has chosen great musicians, singers and studios to make for a CD of great performances. I believe this album is a classic, and I’m so proud to be her friend and co-writer.”  Hubert Eaves III, musician, producer, writer, arranger for such artists as Luther VandrossWhitney HoustonMadonnaD Train, Aretha FranklinBiggie SmallsMiles Davis, most notably

“Dwayna Litz is a deeply moving singer, strongly connected to the message in her songs.  She has the ability to draw in an audience because of her expressive vocalism and musicality.  Dwayna sets herself apart from other singers because of her professionalism and innate musicianship.” —Matthew Odell, pianist

“I was recently surprised when I received a copy of a CD project I played on.  In the studio it was hard to tell what the end result was to be. I was smiling ear to ear when I heard Dwayna’s wonderful voice on the recording. She has such great presence and control. I was very impressed with the down to earth and soulful feeling conveyed in her music. I’d be happy to share the stage with Dwayna in any musical situation. Keep your eyes and ears focused on her! She’s an angel….” —John Allred, Jazz Trombonist

“Dwayna Litz can sing…” Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives 

“Dwayna is one of the most expressive singers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. It’s rare to find an artist who sings from their heart and their soul.” –Mark Miller, mixing engineer for Garth Brook’s mega hit album “No Fences” and all of Garth’s albums, currently working as producer and engineer for Garth Brooks .

More information about Dwayna Litz can be found on her web site at DwaynaLitz.com.

Dwayna’s songs can also be heard on iTunes, Facebook, Soundcloud and  YouTube.