Dwayna Litz book on American history

HereEM_Dwayna_0688_SM is the archived interview I did on Missions Radio, as I read from my book ‘America Come Home’ quotes from our founding fathers and past presidents and discussed how much our American culture has shifted.

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Dwayna Litz Interview with Missions Radio


*I am going to be doing an interview tomorrow with Missions Radio about my book ‘America Come Home,’ reading quotes from American history to discuss how much the culture has shifted. It is an artistic, coffee table book filled with color photos I have taken of today’s culture, which contrast the quotes from our past presidents, founding fathers, etc.



Hardcover, paperback and Kindle now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

My song “America Come Home” available on Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes and Spotify *

*(Song written for 2012 Presidential election)

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Thanking Andrae Crouch

(Caveat: This is Dwayna. I will be posting on this blog myself this year instead of having someone else do it in order to better control what is being posted).

I feel like I am mourning the death of a very close friend, and I actually got tears in my eyes when I first heard about the passing of Andrae Crouch. There is no Dwayna Litz artistically without the music of Andrae Crouch. I was raised singing his songs as a soloist in revival meetings, and how I thank God to be raised on such soulful Gospel music. Yes, I was raised on bluegrass but also the soulful hymns of the Christian faith. There has never been and will never be another Andrae Crouch. I grew up singing “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power,” “Soon and Very Soon,” and “My Tribute.” I recently recorded “Through It All,” though when I was a little girl singing solos in Baptist churches, my mother was quick to explain that as a little girl I had not been through enough to sing “Through It All,” so I waited until I was an adult to record it.

Here is Andrae Crouch sharing his testimony and singing at a Billy Graham crusade. I have his music in my heart, as a part of who I am, wherever I go to live for all of eternity in praise to the Lord. I look forward to seeing my brother in heaven and singing with him. What a beautiful testimony God gave him in both his life, music and legacy. This is my tribute to Andrae Crouch who gave his tribute to Jesus.

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