New Dwayna Litz Photos by Eli McFadden

Happy days are here again soon at my ‘Happiness No Man Required’ booth in Richmond, VA, March 16-18th, at the Southern Women’s Show. Here are some new photos by Eli McFadden from this year. More news about new music and book signings soon to come. See you soon in Richmond!

(Dwayna Litz photos by Eli McFadden shot at Westlight Studios Nashville)

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See You Soon in Richmond, VA

I am speaking and singing at the Southern Women’s Show in Richmond, VA, March 16-18th at the Richmond Raceway Complex. I will be on TV sharing my tips for women from my book ‘Happiness No Man Required’ at 9:00 A.M. on Friday. It will be a wonderful time. Hope to see you there if you are in beautiful Richmond, VA!

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Great Session at Soundstage Nashville

It was another great day at Soundstage in Nashville as we finished my bluegrass CD, recording three more songs from scratch. The musicians are so good that they get it on the first take. We got them all on the first take and then worked on overdubs for “Orange Blossom Special,” “Precious Memories,” and  a song I wrote for and about my grandfather, “Pickin’ Bluegrass in the Backyard.” I have never had a better day in my life! The band was Tim Crouch (fiddle, mandolin), Scott Coney (guitar), Pat Bergeson (harmonica), Mike Kennedy (drums), Jay Weaver (upright bass), Josh Swift (dobro), Monty Allen (background vocals), and Travis Humbert (recording engineer). We are moving right along to have my next CD of funky bluegrass done and out by the end of this year!

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