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It has been a nonstop week with new, unforeseen projects to get done on top of everything else, but I took time last night to get a moisturizing treatment at a place called Curls and Company, a unique salon that only does curly hair. They were so booked up when I first called that it took over a month for me to get a moituruzing treatment. I figured they must be good, and I figured right!

The owner happened to be there last night and gave me a cut in a few places for shaping. They also have state of the art hair dryers for long, curly hair.

I got up this morning so happy that I had to stop by to thank them. Curly hair tends to get dry easily, even in humidity, but that treatment last night took out all dryness and gave it strength, and the cut was perfect.

Many people do not understand how to cut my hair with so many layers, but this place does. They did not even ask me to post about it, but I am doing this for any of my friends in the Sarasota area with curly hair. I know it seems like there are not many of us! But, you know if you have curly hair it takes special treatment, literally.

I am so thankful to have found this place that I went back in this morning after doing Pilates to simply say to Kelly and her team, “I LOVE YOU!”

I am loving life here in Sarasota and staying busy as can be every day with my health coaching, nonprofit work and more writing and music recorded in Nashville out this summer, along with interviews and speaking engagements. I just wanted to take the time to say little things mean a lot when you are a redhead in the sunshine state with naturally curly hair!

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Next Music Release “Maybe” Soon to Come

This week I am working on my next music release to be out by the end of May! All songs were recorded before I left Nashville, and I wrote them all. They are all from my heart and range from love songs in contemporary/country to a few more soulful bluegrass, fun feels and then even a couple soulful folk/rock feels–it is something for everyone I am hoping. It will be a digital release out on iTunes, etc. called “Maybe” from the title cut…

We also recorded a Christmas song called “Same Old Story” which was not country but contemporary with even horns.

 All of the songs were recorded by early last December , even as I was packing to move to FL. I will put the Christmas song out again next holiday season. It is about how God’s love is for everyone and there is “new hope in the same old story” for all who believe.
 There is a fun song I began in my twenties that I wrote back then with hit co-writers called “Third Person Singular,” and we had a blast cutting it.
Then, there is a song I wrote by myself called “I Promise You” that turned out really special–it could be about someone promising someone else to always be there no matter what, but the surprise is that it is a promise from Jesus to me. I wrote it back in my twenties, the first time I lived in NYC and was singing around town. The whole thing came to me when I was upstairs at a deli, the kind of “Smiling Deli” NYC no longer has but used to be a chain all over town back in the 90s. I took a scratch sheet of paper and wrote the whole thing sitting upstairs. I finally got to record it with these wonderful musicians who are my friends and cried when I heard the final mix. We all felt it together, and I knew I would be back to Nashville with these same musicians to do more.
The song “Maybe” is all about falling in love. This will be the title cut of the whole compilation.
I got to work with the best of the best in musicians, singers and engineers, so I am excited about this next release and hope it touches anyone who hears it. Every song is real, even the couple on there that are fun, uptempo “old school” country.
So, stay tuned for “Maybe.”
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My Book ‘Happiness No Man Required’ for Women to Know Their Worth

Here’s to finding true love, beginning with God’s true love for us! It does not take anyone else for a woman to know her worth in order to have a fulfilling life. My book ‘Happiness No Man Required’ is not at all against good men or against true love. It is about not settling for less.

My book Happiness No Man Required–50 Tips for Single Women to be Happy With or Without a Man has now been sent to teens and young women who have been trafficked in FL and Chicago and to more crisis pregnancy centers here in FL. It will hopefully soon be used at a Christian-based rehab home for women who are battling anorexia and eating disorders.

I just got a new testimonial from a beautiful woman who read my book. I am sharing it with her permission:

“It is truly as though you read my mind somehow. I’ve been working through it slowly so as the tips have time to sort of ‘marinate’ with me while I slowly take in the stories and info. Some of your wisdom really supports something that I’ve been going through for a couple of years now that I’d been getting a little anxious over. What I’m talking about specifically is my abstinence from any physical/emotional intimacy with men since 2019. Since I am only 31, I started wondering if I was being too picky or too much of a prude, regarding giving myself to any of the men who have come my way. After reading the info about the 90day detox from oxytocin, I feel completely supported in my listening to my ‘gut’ and not having settled for any of the contenders I knew weren’t right for me. There have even been a few instances over the last couple of years wherein God intervened and insured I did not impulsively make a decision and wind up attached to someone my heart knew wasn’t right for me. I have always been protective of my heart, and it has led to a fuller, truer love for myself that I believe still needs development before I find myself seeking wholeness in a relationship. Here’s to being all I need, and ultimately having much more to offer someone else!”

Now that more of life is opening up, I am waiting to hear back from a crisis pregnancy center in the greater Sarasota area and home for unwed mothers that may give me the pleasure of sharing my tips for women in person with them. All of this is in partnership with my nonprofit, Lighting the Way. All proceeds go to my nonprofit, available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and


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