New Health Site Soon to Come

We are working on the new health site today and plan to have it up and running by the end of this month. Meanwhile, I have been busy with work and with all of my friends in NYC. It has been such a wonderful month here again.

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Healthy Manhattan

The fat rats may still be found crawling around the subway tracks, but don’t be fooled. Manhattan is getting healthier.

There are more and more plant-based restaurants all over town, as well as a now- famous Juice Press, an addictive juice company that combines plant-based probiotics into their organic juices for an even healthier cleanse. Whether it is walking or biking miles and miles or meeting friends around the corner for a healthy juice, lunch or dinner, the gentrification of NYC seems to be working in the favor of health. Nutritional information is now available in more places than ever.

My favorite juice meet-up is Joe and the Juice, a hip hangout with vibe for meeting others and sharing an organic juice shot.

Life is good on the Upper West Side in Manhattan!

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Hanging with the Snarks in the City

I hung out with the Thespians and the “Snarks” at a prestigious and private theater club last night on the lower East side funded by famous people like Louis Vuitton. It is a landmark in Manhattan, and you can only be there by invitation from a member. One of my best friends who is an actress invited me. I had a lovely night and enjoyed meeting the members. The women are called “Snarks” in this theater club that has been in existence since the 1800s. It is all free and the talented people perform for free, just for the love of their art. It was a special night. Even the performances are private. My friend made me promise to become a “Snark” with her, and everyone there welcomed me into the club.

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