Airplay on Independent Radio in NYC

The popular radio program Upper Room with Joe Kelley, aired in CT and NYC, played Dwayna’s song  “Taking it a Day at a Time” last Monday night on the air from her new CD “I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again.” The show airs every Monday night in NYC, and they have previously played “Yes I Would,” the opening song on her new CD, co-written by Dwayna Litz and Hubert Eaves III. With the top artists in soul like Prince being featured on this radio program, it is a top independent radio program in soul music.

See web sites for WVOF radio and Upper Room With Joe Kelley for more info.

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Dwayna Litz New Release is “Gem of an Album”

This holiday season, keep in mind Dwayna’s new CD bringing back the gift of beautiful music to the music industry with her new release…

“Dwayna’s music is as beautiful as she is. This CD ‘I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again’ shows that beautifully written songs and artful lovely vocals are powerful enough to only need simple, tasteful production. How unusual in today’s music to listen to an artist whose songs and vocals are strong enough to stand on their own. Congratulations to Dwayna to creating this gem of an album for anyone who would like to hear ‘real’ songs.” Gloria Sklerov, songwriter with hits such as “I Just Fall in Love Again” recorded by The Carpenters, Anne Murray and Dusty Springfield Im_The_Girl_I_Used_#2045114

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays with Music

Dwayna LitzEM_Dwayna_0423_SM thanks Paul Whealdon at “Rock-n-Roll View” for this great review of her new CD “I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again.” Merry Christmas this year with music!

Dwayna is signing CDs and shipping them everywhere from NYC to Australia, Colorado and LA as gifts.

Just send her an email via for orders. Dwayna’s songs can also be heard on her web site.

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