Downtown in Music City

Once again I see that God’s plans are better and bigger than mine. I was loving the ease of country life in Williamson County, but more work is now opening up for me in downtown Nashville, and that is where I will be moving soon. I have always been a city person, so it actually is feeling much more like home. Last Wednesday night I was blown away by the music at The Station Inn and the level of musicianship and such beautiful, soulful arrangements of new renditions of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and some of the best in country music through the years with the perfect harmonies of Chris and Ben Isaacs, Josh Swift (who played on my last CD), Bryan Sutton and Mike Rogers–a fun night! It was great to see my old friend and recording engineer Mark Capps for the first time in over twenty years given how we used to remember working with each other in the studio every single day when I had a publishing deal with Buddy Killen Music and he was engineer at the Soundshop. Time stands still for me sometimes living here in Nashville again, as it keeps feeling so much better than it ever did before to find myself at home here again.

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Loving Life

I’m so happy, because every day I get to do what I love. Life has never been better! I love pouring my heart into every aspect of my work to see it all growing and to know I am continuing to grow as a person and artist. I feel so inspired, and I have never felt better and love all of my new friends and my life here in Franklin, TN, on the outskirts of Nashville.

I feel my early morning workouts have changed my life, and I am actually in the best shape I have ever been in in my adult life. Every day I meet more inspiring people at my gym who carry fitness and eating right just as far as I do, if not even farther. I love surrounding myself with people like that who are also gifted, nice and talented and make me want to be all I can be. I just had to share how thankful I am to God for all that is happening and how happy I am here in Nashville again. It’s going to be another fantastic day! God is good.

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On A Roll

I am certainly on a roll as a health coach, and it feels like I am on a roll in every area! I can hardly keep up with how fast my nonprofit organization is growing, and I have some meetings lined up about music here in Nashville with more new music yet to come. I am continuing to work with new clients as a health coach, and nothing has made my life happier at this point than life that begins bright and early (except that it is still dark outside) at my Lifetime gym, the nicest gym I have ever seen here in Franklin. I am actually finally used to getting up early to workout, and I am constantly learning more about fitness and seeing my body getting in better shape and stronger.

I was at the gym this morning by 5:30 and did not leave until 8:30 with a Pilates class at 6:00 and then the treadmill and then weights for sculpting and my floor work. I have three trainers who are the most inspirational to me, teaching me how to get stronger and yet not bigger or bulkier. I am surrounded by people who never touch sugar and lead such clean lives inside and out that it is nothing short of an inspiration for me to be all I can be! It is true that working out first thing in the early morning really makes any day go better, as I feel so much more focused and energized.

I will have completed an array of web site updates for my nonprofit org. by tomorrow and then begin working on my next newsletter. I have appointments in music about licensing for my songs next week, too, plus more opportunities for marketing my current bluegrass CD throughout the Smoky Mountain Park. I have some speaking engagements also lined up to share my tips for happiness with women in the Nashville area this year and already one major booking for next year. I have never been happier, and my latest kick is intermittent fasting (with no eating whatsoever at night) and focusing on core work that affects the entire body, even making me a better singer.

The above photos are from a couple of days ago after a nutritional class I attended at my gym on gut health–I knew it would make me a better health coach after meeting Josh and hearing his testimonial about how he eats and trains. He is now one of the trainers working with me, along with my Pilates teacher, Brooke. I am now supplementing with L-glutamine in water 2-3 times a day to keep the small intestine healthy, though nothing makes me feel better than no eating at night. The gift is that you wake up without even feeling hungry the next day. More testimonials on my health coaching site soon to come!

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