Working in Nashville with New Video Soon to Come

The piano part that the famous Jeff Taylor (of The Time Jumpers) added to a new song on my forthcoming CD brought tears to my eyes this morning. This next CD of mine is going to be so special. We are almost done and moving right along.

Meanwhile, a new video will be posted soon this summer on YouTube of this old song I wrote, available to be heard for free on Soundcloud, Pandora Radio, Spotify and Apple Music on the “Dwayna Litz” channel. Listen for free on Soundcloud HERE .

Also, thankful for all of the book sales, as I just got a check from my distributer from sales from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Walmart.

Hope everyone is having a great summer. I know I sure am!


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NYC Outreach Going Strong

Our Christian outreach in NYC has never gone better. We have a daily outreach now with the evangelistic skyline cards and gave out 200 last month. We have a new sign and banner for our outreach table based on apologetics at Columbus Circle with materials specifically for atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, agnostics and all people groups and belief systems about why we believe in Jesus. It is wonderful work, and the new sign and banner are drawing people over where no one is turned away and everyone is treated with respect. All answers are based on logic and reason, as we explain what the Bible teaches about life’s problems and how to know you have eternal life. (We plan to add yet a couple more signs reading “God’s Heart to Central Park” and “Are you looking for a love that will last forever?”  and “Psalm 139” at the bottom.)

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Fun Day on the Upper East Side

I had the pleasure of meeting friends on the Upper East Side this week to see the Decorator’s Showcase and enjoyed getting new ideas for interior design. Then, I bummed around Madison just enjoying the beautiful day.

I stopped in my favorite shoe designer’s boutique, Robert Clergerie. They wanted to take my photo since I was wearing his shoes. What a pleasure to be loving life in both Manhattan and TN now, getting the best of both worlds, as I finish my new bluegrass CD this summer in Nashville and have more speaking engagements for my book for women throughout the South.

If I have ever been happier, I don’t know when!


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