Dwayna Litz “I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again” CD at Tower Records

Latest CD from Dwayna Litz “I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again” now on sale at Tower Records. Snippets of the songs can be heard via their online store HEREIm_The_Girl_I_Used_#2045114.

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My Grandmother’s Graveside Service

Somehow I managed to sing “Sheltered in the Arms of God” and “My Savior First of All” at my grandmother’s graveside service yesterday. It all went exactly how she wanted it to go. She had pre-planned the whole thing, and we honored her wishes. HERE is a copy of the graveside service. My brother’s daughter, Jordan, and son, Jake, played the guitar and sang “In the Sweet By and By.” My brother’s son, Luke, read a portion of John chapter 10. My cousin’s son, Mason, read the 23rd Psalm. My brother, Ross, and cousins, Hope and Reagan, read Psalm 139. It was the most beautiful graveside service. I know she was happy looking down from heaven. This world will never be the same without her in it, but I know heaven will never be the same now that she is there. My grandfather and all of her loved ones have been waiting. And her Savior to welcome her Home, most of all. Before long, I will be there, too. What a beautiful, Christian heritage God has given to me!

img020(My grandparents, Claude and Eloise Pitner)

Emma Eloise Burnett Pitner July 28, 1922-January 31, 2016

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My Grandmother, Eloise Burnett Pitner

I had the most wonderful and extraordinary grandmother, Emma Eloise Burnett Pitner (July 28, 1922–January 31, 2016). She is still my grandmother, very much alive in heaven with Jesus and her loved ones, and I know I will see her again. There was never one memory with her all of my life that is not precious to me. She was there for me in everything I did, and there was not a day of my life that she did not pray for me. I thank God for giving me such a sweet grandmother. Before she passed away I was able to tell her that she will be in in my heart wherever I go as I tried to convey how much I love her. We talked about heaven, and I sang the hymns we both love to her in her ear at the hospital. It was a precious time. I wouldn’t take anything for a single memory I have had with my sweet grandmother. Here is more about her life and Christian testimony. Born also with red hair, I am thankful for the ways I am like her, inside and out, and I hope God will let me be more like her. I can only thank God for letting me have such a special, loving person as my grandmother. She was one in a million.  We talked many times about how much I would miss her when God takes her home. She would always say, “I know you will.” I was certainly right about missing her. But, there was no doubt in her mind or anyone else who knew her she would be happy in heaven with Jesus and her loved ones waiting for me to get there, too. –Dwayna


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