Press Release for New Dwayna Litz CD in the News

Dwayna Litz press release for new CD “I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again” now published on sites including Mississippi Chronicle, Montpelier Journal, South Dakota Chronicle, Des Moines News Desk, Arkansas Journal, Maine News Reporter, Lincoln News Reporter, Digital Journal, Connecticut Chronicle, The Nebraska News Desk and more! Read press release HEREDwayna.  Dwayna appreciates the people who have helped get this press release out and is thankful for the talent who worked with her on the CD to make it what it is.

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Dwayna Litz New CD Getting Air Play

Dwayna LitzDwayna thanks Joe Kelley for playing her song “Yes I Would” (co-written with Hubert Eaves) on his great radio program “Upper Room with Joe Kelley” in CT—featuring  funk and soul. Joe played “Yes I Would” on his popular program, which aired Oct. 21, 2014 on the same program he played artists like Prince! Good news indeed for soulful independent singer/songwriter  Dwayna Litz.

Also, Dwayna gives special thanks to James Poe at WABG/960 AM for playing “Satisfy My Soul” from her Jazz CD and songs from her latest CD “I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again” on his radio program featuring Delta Blues and soul music in Mississippi.

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Dwayna Litz Thanks Hit Songwriter and former EMI Creative Director Bruce Burch

Dwayna Litz began working with Bruce Burch in Nashville on Music Row when she was only 19 years old and has been honored to call him her friend ever since. Dwayna Litz Music thanks Bruce Burch for this!

“Dwayna is a powerhouse singer who deserves to be heard. She sings from her heart, and I guarantee you she will reach yours. Bruce Burch, songwriter, former Creative Director at EMI Publishing in Nashville, Director of University of Georgia’s Music Business program , elected by the Recording Academy as National Trustee at Kennesaw State University working with entertainment attorney Joel KatzEM_Dwayna_0595_SM

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