Arts and Culture and Ministry in NYC

It’s great being back home at Calvary Baptist Church on 57th. It was the coldest Mother’s Day of my life to my recollection, but I left walking on the clouds. I loved the service on God’s love and look forward to working with them in missions. It has rained us out every weekend so far, but we are hoping to set up our new outreach table in NYC soon.

It was a nice surprise meeting designer Kay Unger at Parson’s Design school, as I have so many of her beautiful dresses. I was there for an event as a health coach about body image and enjoyed the conversation.

It is another cloudy, cool day here with temperatures dropping tonight, but I am loving the pace of the city again and being with all of my friends. On these rainy nights I have stayed busy updating a few of my web sites. Check out the updates at and .

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Back to my life in NYC

I am looking forward to finishing my bluegrass CD this summer in Nashville, but there is no place like home. From health coaching to working in the arts and my Christian outreach, I’m loving being back in NYC again.

Pictured below are moments from fun events like the Google headquarters in NYC for a dance/virtual reality presentation, enjoying the multi-cultural choir with a full orchestra at Times Square Church, walking daily all around the city for miles, eating right, juicing, working with new health coach clients here, and last but not least, at the Player’s Club, in the same room where Mark Twain used to hang and Hemingway and all of the greatest artists in NYC history.


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My Book Being Used at Coalition Against Human Trafficking

My book ‘Happiness No Man Required–50 Tips for Single Women to be Happy With or Without A Man’ is being used at the Coalition Against Human Trafficking for teens who have been sex trafficked. I’m thrilled beyond words and loving life! I have never been happier, living proof my tips work!

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