Dwayna Litz at Barnes and Noble Park Slope, Brooklyn

See you this Saturday, October 29th, at Barnes and Noble in Park Slope, Brooklyn for my next book signing for my book ‘Happiness: No Man Required–50 Tips for Single Women to be Happy With or Without a Man’. I will be there from 4:00-6:00.



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Peter Calo “Time Machine”

I wanted to recommend the latest CD from an accomplished musician I am fortunate to work with, as Peter has played on 3 of my CDs, 2 digital releases, with one more CD soon to come. He is not just a guitarist but a soulful singer and successful songwriter.

I have worked with Grammy award winning producers and songwriters in both Nashville and NYC, and yet, have never had the joy of working with anyone more talented than Peter Calo. He always gives more than he is hired to give. Watching Peter on stage accompanying someone on guitar, you are drawn to how much he stays totally in sync with the singer he is backing, making any live performance more entertaining. But, now, in Time Machine, we get to see who he is—an accomplished guitarist, but also a singer, songwriter, arranger and producer who can hold his own as an all-around extraordinary talent with much to say. Intelligent, soulful, surprising, sophisticated, and raw—Time Machine is a captivating journey. Not the least bit boring, to stay in the moment with this CD is to feel a timeless, riveting gamut of emotion from song to song. It’s an amazing ride from the eyes of child-like innocence to the complexities of humanity and back again to pure love in all of its courageous vulnerability. Transcending any one genre, there is something on this record for everyone. Lose yourself in Time Machine. The songs are such a powerful punch of soul that you won’t feel like the same person you were before you listened. –Dwayna Litz, singer, songwriter


CD available on iTunes and everywhere online, as well as www.petercalo.com.

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Sold Out Last Saturday at Barnes and Noble in Knoxville

I had to work the room on a Saturday with the UT game in Knoxville playing at home, but I sold all of the copies the store ordered of my book ‘Happiness: No Man Required.’ It was Batman Day, also which helped bring in teens and families.

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