Researching ‘His Way’ by Kitty Kelly on the Life of Frank Sinatra

One of my favorite quotes: “Reputation is what people think of us. Character is what God and angels know of us.” –Thomas Paine

This is how Kitty Kelly begins her fascinating, page-turning book on Frank Sinatra. I read ‘His Way’ recently for research, as I am writing my book for single women about the importance of looking at a man’s character. What a shame to report that Frank Sinatra performed love songs perfectly, yet he never really knew how to love a woman. That is an understatement. He was mean and was just as likely to physically beat up a woman, as he was to make her swoon. Women were “dames” and “broads” for him to control and use and abuse. He was never emotionally or physically monogamous with any of the women he dated or married. He used charm to control and “conquer” and gave extravagant gifts. He was extreme in every direction, diagnosed as manic-depressive. He tried multiple times to commit suicide. I recommend ‘His Way’ for any woman when it comes to learning more about the contradictions of abusive men and the importance of taking it slow in the beginning of a new relationship, something no abusive man allows.

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