Creative Weekend Songwriting

This has been the week for 10 mile mornings on the treadmill, preparing for my next marathon. I love speed walking and a little jogging from 4.0-6.0 mph. I speed walked my first marathon last year and plan to do it again. I know it does not sound like much to marathon runners, but I have always been a walker instead. I love a challenge and 26 miles again is just that. I feel so good!

I am having a beautiful weekend in more ways than one, working on a new song I am writing for my next recording session in Nashville…

Here I am outside my Sarasota home. Lots of rain is coming tonight, and I love writing on rainy nights. It’s a great weekend to be creative!


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Dwayna Litz is an American singer, songwriter, author and speaker with music currently published by Universal Music, Spirit Music and her own ASCAP publishing company, Litz Music in Nashville.
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